Nicoleta Schiopu

Dr Nicoleta SCHIOPU received her PhD at INSA de Lyon (France) in Chemistry and Environmental Sciences (characterisation of leaching behaviour of construction products during their life service).  She graduated in Chemistry (BSc and MSc) at the University of Bucharest (Romania) and obtained her Master’s degree (MSc) in “Environment and Security” from Ecole des Mines d’Alès (France) and in “Waste Science and Technology” from INSA de Lyon (France). In 1998 she began her research activity in the field of environmental assessment of waste, construction products and buildings. Since 2004 she has been pursuing her research activity in the Environment Team from the CSTB.

Dr. Schiopu is:

-       in charge with the leaching behaviour topic,

-       in charge with the environmental assessment in urban areas,

-       expert in construction products assessment (Environmental Risk Assessment and Life Cycle Assessment), buildings environmental assessment (e.g. development of software Elodie) and environmental innovation (waste management and new materials in construction, e.g. secondary raw materials, bio-based materials).

-       expert in the European standardisation Committee CEN/TC351 Construction products: Assessment of release of dangerous substances – WG 1 Release from construction products into soil, ground water and surface water,

-       co-supervisor of a PhD work (2009-2012) on “Environmental impact assessment of construction products and buildings: numerical modelling of leaching behaviour”,

Scientific publications: about 30 articles in peer reviewed international journals and conference proceedings.