G-44 (Buildings) / G-41 (Products) Critical review

Aspect G-44 (Buildings) / G-41 (Products) Critical review
A critical review may be needed, especially if comparative results are intended to be disclosed to the public.How should this aspect be considered for building and product LCA?

related study objective

stand-alone LCA comparative assertion

related study phase

goal and scope definition inventory analysis (LCI) impact assessment (LCIA) interpretation reporting

relevant for

new buildings existing buildings building products screening LCA simplified LCA complete LCA
Provisions The critical review (or verification if it concerns an EPD) should be in line with the ILCD Handbook, and with ISO 14040/14044, as well as  with ISO 14025 (for verification of EPD).The EeBGuide provides a review template that can be used to review an LCA study conducted according to the EeBGuide provisions. In this case, the review provisions supersede the ILCD and ISO 1404 ones.
Rules from:
EN 15978:

12. Reporting of the assessment of results

ISO 14044:

5 Reporting


Provisions: 11 Critical review

I) SHALL – See Chapter 6.11 for key decisions made on the critical  review

II) SHALL – Review scope, methods, and documentation

The needs of a critical review depend on the goal of the study (stand-alone LCA vs. comparative assertions).Please note that within the context of EPD, the word to use is ‘verification’. In that context, it is likely that national EPD programmes will provide checklists of aspects to check for EPD conformity.In other cases, a critical review may be needed. The time and efforts required depend on the goal of the study.The EeBGuide provide a simplified review checklist that can support compliance with the EeBGuide provisions for building and product LCA studies.

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