3.1.1 Implementation of the study type definitions

Table 5 gives specific information about how the three LCA study types (screening, simplified and complete) are currently implemented within the EeBGuide framework. Screening describes the first approach, where most of the information on the building is still very rough (e.g. within the design stage): thus default values of generic assumptions need to be chosen and used. In a simplified LCA study, detailed data are used, and a greater number of life cycle stages are addressed. Complete LCA reflects the most comprehensive and detailed application of the LCA methodology. For each level, Table 5 highlights those modules that are mandatory, optional because of their minor relevance, or optional because of currently missing data. The term ‘mandatory’ here specifically relates to projects of the Energy-Efficient Buildings Initiative (E2B EI). For other projects, or for the secondary audience of EeBGuide, this can be considered as a guideline.

Note: The term ‘product’ refers to building-related products, construction materials, components and services.

Table 5: Implementation of the different study types for buildings

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