B-29 Building services

Aspect B-29 Building services
Should building services (e.g. energy service companies, landlords, etc.) and energy performance contracting be considered in LCA and, if so, how?

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Provisions Relevant for LCA studies are the upstream energy supply mechanisms, which need to be adequately reflected, and the energy demand of a building. Any business models of how the energy is provided are only of relevance if the technical energy supply is affected.
Rules from:

EN 15978

7.4.4 Boundaries of the use stage (Modules B1–B7) General

EN 15804

6.2.4 B1–B5, Use stage, information modules related to the building fabric

6.2.5 B6-B7, Use stage, information modules related to the operation of the building

Different economic models, e.g. of energy supply and its technical consequences, could be assessed by means of scenario analysis. For an LCA study, it is not the economic model behind an operation that is not the decisive point, but the technical consequences of different economic models.

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