A-21 Construction wastes – complete LCA


A-21 Construction wastes – complete LCA

The construction of a building generates considerable cutting waste. Should such waste be considered in the context of a complete LCA?

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stand-alone LCA comparative assertion

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goal and scope definition inventory analysis (LCI) impact assessment (LCIA) interpretation reporting

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new buildings existing buildings building products screening LCA simplified LCA complete LCA
Provisions Construction waste should be included in a complete LCA if it is relevant for the goal and scope of the study, provided it does not fall under cut-off-rules (e.g. a construction company might have more interest than a building designer in this aspect).
Rules from:
EN 159788.5 Scenarios for the construction process stage (Modules A4-A5)

EN 15804: 

6.2.3 A4-A5, Construction process stage, information modules

Site wastage may be considerable, and has impacts both from manufacture and transport of the material and from transport and waste processing and disposal of the wastes.In some EPDs, wastes during installation into the building may be documented (e.g. in the current French EPDs, loss of product on site is reported). The practitioner should use detailed calculations for complete LCA. If a construction waste is included, the impact of production related to the loss of product should be quantified within he Module A5. Similarly, the scenario for the type of waste disposal and wastage rate used should be considered relative to the building situation.WRAP has consulted with UK industry, and has provided baseline and good practice wastage rates for most construction material types, which could be used in the absence of other data.

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