A-14 Transport of construction machinery to the building site – complete LCA

Aspect A-14 Transport of construction machinery to the building site – complete LCA
This aspect concerns the transportation of machinery necessary for the construction of a building from the storage place to the construction site. Under specific goal and scope, this aspect might be interesting, e.g. for a construction company that needs to identify the hotspots of its construction site.

Related study objective

stand-alone LCA comparative assertion

Related study phase

goal and scope definition inventory analysis (LCI) impact assessment (LCIA) interpretation reporting

Relevant for

new buildings existing buildings building products screening LCA simplified LCA complete LCA
Provisions In the context of a complete LCA, the transportation of construction machinery to site should be taken into account if it is relevant for the goal and scope of the study (e.g. a construction company might have more interest than a building designer on this aspect),.Rules for estimation should follow the recommendations of EN 15804. In this case, practitioners should refer to the cut-off rules, and use detailed calculations for the transportation distances and load factors (unless this aspect falls under cut-off rules).
Rules from:
EN 15978:8.5 Scenarios for the construction process stage (Modules A4-A5)
The practitioner should use specific data for the ancillary materials and for the processes or construction tools (which can be defined with stakeholders) for complete LCA.This aspect may be neglected for most construction projects, owing to its minor relevance.

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