G-43 Documentation of LCA results

Aspect G-43 Documentation of LCA results
Each LCA study has to be documented by means of an LCA report to demonstrate compliance with existing LCA standards (e.g. [ISO 14040], [ISO 14044] or [EN 15804], [EN 15978]). The hypotheses, methodological choices and LCA results are reported. However, how can be such a report be structured/documented for any LCA study for buildings? What is the important information to give in the report?

related study objective

stand-alone LCA comparative assertion

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goal and scope definition inventory analysis (LCI) impact assessment (LCIA) interpretation reporting

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new buildings existing buildings building products screening LCA simplified LCA complete LCA
Provisions The documentation of LCA results should be in line with ISO 14044; different templates should be used according to the level of complexity of the analysis (screening, simplified or complete).
Rules from:
EN 15978:
12. Reporting of the assessment of results

12.1 General information on the assessment

12.2 General information on the object of assessment

12.3 Statement of boundaries and scenarios used in the assessment

12.4 Data sources

12.5 List of indicators used for assessment and expression of results

12.6 Communication of assessment results”

ISO 14044:

5 Reporting


10 Reporting (General Guide for Life Cycle Assessment)

The ISO 14044, ILCD and EN 15978 provisions should always be respected. The template defined for each study type (screening, simplified and complete) within the EeBGuide project should be used according to the goal and scope of the study.

The template for case studies can be filled in by reporting information from the building project, and by identifying any deviation from the EeBGuide recommendations (e.g. for LCA data and methodology).

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