G-40 (Buildings) / G-38 (Products) Communication of LCA results

Aspect G-40 (Buildings) / G-38 (Products) Communication of LCA results
The external and internal communication of LCA results is still error-prone. How should results be communicated? How should they be presented with regard to different experience levels of the audience?

related study objective

stand-alone LCA comparative assertion

related study phase

goal and scope definition inventory analysis (LCI) impact assessment (LCIA) interpretation reporting

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new buildings existing buildings building products screening LCA simplified LCA complete LCA
Provisions Especially for complete LCA studies, the documentation should be in line with ISO 14044, EN 15804 and EN 15978. The EeBGuide provides reporting templates for building and product LCA that are generally in line with these standards. These reporting templates should be used.EN 15978 describes possibilities for easier communication of the LCA results.
Rules from:
EN 15978:
12.6 Communication of assessment results
12 Reporting of the assessment of results
EN 15804:
8 Project report

EN 15942:
Reporting template for EPDs

15.4 Misleading reporting and communication

Requirements concerning reporting are part of the study type definitions. The reporting templates cover these rules.Special requirements for external reports and comparative assertions are given in ISO 14044. In addition, EPD programmes may ask for specific reporting requirements.ISO 14025 (and thus EN 15804) for EPD requires that the independent verifier generate a report documenting the verification process, while adhering to the obligations of the standard regarding data confidentiality. This report should be available to any person upon request.

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