B-08 Modelling of energy use

Aspect B-08 Modelling of energy use
Is B6 relevant at a product level? How should the operational energy use be modelled?

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Provisions Energy used by products during the use stage should be assessed in terms of importance. For a product, a scenario may be defined if the product is relevant for the energy supply of a building. However, the actual operational energy use can only be given for a building; data for this module for products are always based on a specific scenario, and do not necessarily apply to other situations.
Rules from:

EN 15804

6.2.5 B6–B7, use stage, information modules related to the operation of the building
The regulated energy use (the energy use covered by national building regulations in Member States) of building-integrated technical systems is determined by the design of the building and the use of the building.Regulated energy use reported in Module B6 would normally be provided at a building level through modelling with the relevant national system derived from the Energy Performance in Buildings Directive.At a product level, it is not possible to model the relevant regulated operational energy use related to the product, because it is dependent on all the other parts of the building, although the product could be included within a ‘model’ building and a building assessment undertaken.

If a product requires non-regulated energy to use it – for example a blind that requires electricity for operation, or an intelligently glazed panel that requires electricity to switch to clear from opaque, or a grey water system that requires energy for pumping – then this energy use should also be modelled in Module B6. This would need to be based on a scenario for use, such as the number of operations per day. The results of Module B6 should be separated from the other modules. Additional data to support the development of relevant scenarios on building level should be provided if relevant in the product LCA study, even if the use stage modules are not assessed at the product level.

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