G-20 Define reference building

Aspect G-20 Define reference building
The whole-life performance of nearly all building products can be assessed only in the context of a specific building. Is it possible to set a reference building for this comparison?

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Provisions No definition of a general reference building is given, as such a building would not be applicable for all of Europe.
Definition of a reference building may be a feasible way to assess specific products within the context of their particular use. Currently, reference buildings have to be defined individually for each study. Further research may yield a generic European reference building, or perhaps national reference buildings. In defining a study-specific reference building, attention should be paid to the product use that is being assessed. The product, or the compared products, should provide functions relevant to the reference building, in order to assess the product adequately. For the assessment of products with energy-related functions, the LCA practitioner may explore whether national EPBD-related reference buildings exist, and whether they could be of use.

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