Case studies

On this page you can find several case studies at both product and building levels. They have been developed in order to test the applicability of the guidance. These case studies were done using the EeBGuide report templates available on the downloads page. The outcomes of the guidance document may also serve as a basis forĀ building LCA tool developers or certification schemes.

Here you will find first implementation of the guidance document in real-world case studies for both product and building scales. In total, 6 case studies were performed: one for a standard product, one for an EeB product (which plays a role in the energy consumption of a building), two for new buildings (simple and complex ones) and two for existing buildings as part of refurbishment projects. These case studies were developed as far as possible according to EeBGuide study types definitions. The implementation of these study types should be seen as a first step to apply in practice provisions/guidance for screening, simplified and complete LCA. However, as there is some flexibility in the definition of the study types within the guidance document, other case studies may show/report different scopes (e.g. in terms of number of indicators and life cycle stages included) than the ones considered in these case studies. These case studies should only be considered as first examples for the implementation of the guidance document in daily LCA practice.

Building Product LCAs

Product Case Study_Complete LCA
Product Case Study_Simplified LCA

Product Case Study_Screening LCA

EeB product_Simplified LCA

Building LCAs

Refurbishment case_1_Simplified LCA
Refurbishment case_1_ Simplified LCA