Pere Fullana

Dr. Pere Fullana, Director of GiGa, is Doctor in Industrial Engineering (URL), Chemical Engineer (IQS), Industrial Engineer (UAB), Diploma in Chemical Informatics (IQS) and MBA (URL) (ongoing).

He is the Spanish delegate for the preparation of the ISO 14000 environmental management standards and the CEN 13910 and CEN 350 standards. He is also an editor for the International Journal of LCA (IJLCA) and Co-Chair of the United Nations Environmental Programme for Environmental Communication and Ecolabelling. He has coordinated 15 European projects and more than 100 national research studies in environmental management, life cycle assessment, ecodesign, ecolabels and clean technologies. He was appointed by the Life Cycle Initiative of the United Nations to the 2009 editing team of the Green House Gases Protocol on CO2 emissions as part of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) and the World Resource Institute (WRI). He took part in the review of the ILCD Handbook, focusing on Critical Review aspects and is reviewing the Copper production datasets that will be includedin the ELCD.