Julien Hans

Head of CSTB Environment division

Head of research program “sustainable renovation of existing stock”

Holder of an “agrégation” (highest teaching degree) of civil engineering since 1998, and former student of “Ecole Normale Supérieure”, I carried out a doctorate in geomechanics on the hydraulic behavior of rock fractures. I am currently involved on the topics of the environmental performance and sustainability of buildings and in durability and risk analysis for construction product.

Head of a team of engineers and researchers working on environmental performances of buildings and construction products: Life cycle assessment, waste management , characterization of Bio-based products, durability and risk analysis, Follow up of performance over time.

Coordinator of CSTB research program “Sustainable Buildings”.

Convenor of CIB W80 Working Group 2:”Prediction of service life of buildings, materials and components”

Scientific coordinator of SBA research project “Piloting the common metrics”