2.2 Reference documents for the EeBGuide

The EeBGuide refers to several sources that provide rules and guidance for LCA practitioners. The first such source is the original ISO standards on life cycle assessment, i.e. [ISO 14040] and [ISO 14044]. In addition, the ILCD Handbook provides extended guidance on LCA in general. The ILCD series of technical guidance documents for LCA have been developed to support LCA practitioners in the planning, performance and documentation of complete and detailed LCAs. The recommendations given in the handbook are in line with the requirements of ISO 14040 and ISO 14044. Other important sources of guidance for the LCA practitioner are [EN 15804] and [EN 15978], which define LCA of building products and buildings more specifically. These European standards were developed by the CEN technical committee on sustainability of construction works (CEN TC 350). Other reference documents considered for setting provisions and rules were the ISO standards on service life planning (the ISO 15686 series), and various scientific reports and articles.

2     Methodological approach of the EeBGuide.

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