2.1 Identification of important aspects for product and building LCA studies

The EeBGuide benefits from a comprehensive approach to identifying key aspects of the LCA methodology applied to products and buildings that need further clarification. Using the steps of the LCA framework (goal and scope definition, inventory analysis, impact assessment, interpretation), as well as the life cycle stages of a building from cradle to grave, allowed identification of aspects where provisions and guidance were missing. The need to adapt the guidance to different stakeholders and different stages of a project also led to the definition of different study types: screening, simplified and complete LCA (see below).

The various aspects were defined based on literature searches, analysis of reference documents (see below), and consultation with LCA experts during brainstorming meetings among the EeBGuide partners. For example, aspects such as definition of the functional unit for a product, the use of EPD data in building LCA studies, end-of-life scenarios, the choice of environmental indicators, and the normalization step led to many questions that need to be addressed, and provisions and guidance clearly documented.

2     Methodological approach of the EeBGuide.

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