1.2.4 Secondary audience for EeBGuide

The secondary audience includes LCA practitioners who seek practical yet scientifically sound guidance to deliver an LCA study that is, as far as possible, in line both with the European standards on environmental performances of buildings (EN 15804 and EN 15978) and with the ILCD Handbook. Another secondary audience comprises developers of LCA software for buildings. They can use the EeBGuide provisions and guidance as guidelines in choosing consistent data, methodology, reference or default values according to the various study types when developing or updating their LCA software for buildings.

A further secondary audience comprises experts responsible for the definition of calculation rules for building labelling systems, as well as for national or European EPD programmes. For these people, the EeBGuide provides generally agreed calculation methods that are characterized by good consistency with existing approaches, and a general agreement among European stakeholders on the calculation method. Using the EeBGuide as a basis for the development of new EPD or building rating programmes, or for the revision of existing ones, will improve the overall consistency of the application of LCA in the context of the European construction industry, which is surely a key concern of many stakeholders.

In the case of the secondary audience, a basic knowledge and experience of LCA methodology and standards is also presumed.

1     Introduction

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