1.2.3 Primary audience for EeBGuide

The EeBGuide is oriented mainly at LCA practitioners and/or building LCA tool developers. It is not an introduction for novice LCA users, as it assumes a basic knowledge of the standards [ISO 14040], [ISO 14044], the ILCD Handbook, and EN 15978 and EN 15804, as well as practical experience, although detailed knowledge of these is not required. However, it is assumed that the reader using this document has access to these sources (especially the ISO and CEN standards) as they are referred to, and need to be consulted in detail for some items.

The principal audience for this document is the LCA practitioner who is required to deliver an LCA study within a European research project, particularly those that fall under the EeB PPP framework (see 1.3.3). For this audience, the document contains the rules and guidance to produce the study in a generally agreed and consistent way. The goal of projects of the EeB PPP framework is to “deliver, implement and optimize building and district concepts that have the technical, economic and societal potential to drastically decrease energy consumption and reduce CO2 emissions in both new and existing buildings across the European Union”. LCA plays a large role as a measuring instrument in these projects, but the main focus clearly lies on technical innovations. The target audience of the project outcomes is mainly researchers, companies, designers and consultants in the field of construction.

1     Introduction

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