B-09 Modelling of water use

Aspect B-09 Modelling of water use
Is B7 relevant at a product level? How should the operational water use be modelled?

related study objective

stand-alone LCA comparative assertion

related study phase

goal and scope definition inventory analysis (LCI) impact assessment (LCIA) interpretation reporting

relevant for

new buildings existing buildings construction products screening LCA simplified LCA complete LCA
Provisions In general, the user has to decide whether  this aspect is important for the product; the consideration of operational water use in Module B7 is necessary only for complete LCA studies.
Rules from:

EN 15804 B6–B7 use stage information modules related to the operation of the building
The regulated water use of building-integrated technical systems is determined by the design and use of the building.Attention should be paid to avoid double counting between the product and the building scale.

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