A-02 Transport of staff in the supply of raw materials

Aspect A-02 Transport of staff in the supply of raw materials
Is it relevant to consider the transport of staff during the extraction and manufacturing life cycle stages?

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Provisions Typically, the transport of staff is not included, owing to its lack of significance in relation to the use of energy within the cut-off rules. National EPD programmes may have individual rules on this matter, and for improved consistency with the EPDs of one programme (e.g. of the national EPD programme),it may be advisable to apply such rules.
Rules from:

EN 15804

6.3.5 Criteria for the exclusion of inputs and outputs
Guidance Screening and simplified LCA: Transport of staff in the supply of raw materials should not be included.Complete LCA: Unless the energy used for transport of staff for any individual process is likely to exceed 1% of the primary energy requirement for that process, it is not necessary to collect data from staff on their journey to and from the extraction or manufacturing site. Significance could be reviewed if necessary by considering costs as a proxy for primary energy, although it should be recognized that petrol and diesel are often highly taxed relative to electricity and natural gas.

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